What We Do

Jadevo's processing technique converts agricultural waste into
biomass fuel with low mineral content

About us

Jim Derks and Jens Donkers are the driving forces behind Jadevo, a company at the forefront of developing technologies that convert agricultural waste into valuable biomass energy. With their backgrounds in mechanical engineering and deep roots in the agricultural sector, they offer innovative solutions that can sustainably transform both agriculture and energy production.

Jim grew up on a dairy farm and developed a passion for both agriculture and technology at an early age. Jens has extensive knowledge of the agricultural sector and a keen eye for technological innovations that can assist farmers. After completing their studies in mechanical engineering, they wanted to apply their knowledge to the challenges in the agricultural sector. They saw the enormous amounts of waste produced by farms and realized there must be a better way to utilize these resources.

The minds behind Jadevo are determined to revolutionize the way we handle agricultural waste and set a new standard for sustainable energy production in the agricultural sector.


One of the biggest challenges in using agricultural waste, such as straw, as fuel is the high content of naturally occurring minerals. These minerals can hinder combustion and reduce the efficiency of the pellets. Therefore, it is currently not possible to meet the high demand for wood pellets with these agricultural residues.


However, Jadevo has developed an innovative technique to effectively remove these minerals and convert the straw into high-quality pellets suitable for use in existing wood pellet boilers. This cost-effective and environmentally friendly method has great potential for the production of new biomass pellet streams.