From Agricultural Waste to a
Sustainable Future

Technology solution using agricultural waste
to produce high quality biomass pellets

Innovation in Renewable Energy

In a world increasingly committed to renewable energy sources and less dependence on fossil fuels, Jadevo is coming up with a groundbreaking solution: the production of high-quality straw pellets as a renewable energy source. Led by a team of passionate engineers and agricultural experts, Jadevo’s ambition is to transform the straw industry and create new opportunities for farmers.

Straw pellets represent a promising step towards clean energy.
They offer numerous advantages:

Local Production

Unlike wood pellets, which are often transported over long distances, straw pellets can be produced locally, reducing transportation costs and the ecological footprint.

Renewable Source

Straw is produced annually as a byproduct of grain production, meaning its use as an energy source is sustainable and renewable.

Value for Farmers

Farmers benefit from an additional income stream by selling surplus straw for pellet production, rather than leaving it as unused waste.